Friday, July 20, 2007

Talk about street cred!

I heard from my favorite college professor today -- Denny Wilkins. He's also known as the master of the red pen. And the green pen. The blue, black and purple ones too. No, seriously. If you had him for class, he was infamous for turning back your articles marked up in 5 different color markers. Anyway, I really respect him. He's a fantastic journalist, the greatest writer, and just a generally great guy. I was telling him about the Paris Hilton site, and he sent me a link to a blog post of his where he talked about the news coverage of Paris. Denny's amazing, and so I wanted to give his blog a little plug here. He's not the only writer. He founded it with his friend Sam Smith, and now they have a little staff. Definitely worth checking out! Pop on over if you get a chance.

P.S. Here's Denny's bio on the site. Classic:
"Dr. Denny Wilkins teaches journalism at a small private university in the northeastern United States. He’s broadly interested in how the world works and why it works that way — and how it could work better. Specifically, he posts on issues relating to journalism; journalism education; science and technology; environmental policy; politics, economics and performance of the press; and the occasional annoying screed about politics, campaign finance reform and economics. He is occasionally irritating. (Well, okay, he’s often irritating.)"

Gotta love the Den-ster.


Ben said...

I keep forgetting to tell you that Scholars and Rogues is a really interesting site. Thanks for the link.

Lisa said...

Oh, good. I thought you might like it, Ben. Spread the word.

Lisa said...

Oh, I forgot. You might also like Denny's own personal blog, Lost Lake Library Society although its production values aren't quite as high as its snazzier Scholars and Rogues counterpart.