Monday, July 30, 2007

Fueling my fire

Global warming's all the rage these days, and I'm fueling the fire.

(My new t-shirt that says "This is Why I'm Hot" with a sweating planet earth screened across the front will attest to that. Yeah, that's right. See image below.)

I'd love to wax on about how we need to start saving the earth, and I'm sure you'd love to hear it, but unfortunately I have to go to sleep. However, I can't resist posting a few links to some interesting things I stumbled across today.

First of all, have you seen this website: Blackle? It's Google in black. According to Google, the bright white screens of their regular interface use more energy than a black screen. So this is a Google search with a black interface, which tells you how much energy you're saving as you search. My only beef with it is that you can't search for images and stuff like you can on the normal Google. But hey, it's worth the switching back and forth to help save some energy, right? However, I must note here that I talked with our Flash developer at work today, and he said that the black interface only saves energy if you're using an old CRT monitor (like on old desktops). He said that it takes MORE energy to make the black interface on an LCD screen (like on laptops and flat-screen desktop monitors) because they're backlit. I'm not sure about that. But anyway, check out Blackle anyway, cuz it's pretty cool.

Secondly, what do environmentalists, economists, poverty activists and libertarians have in common? You might be surprised. Read this interesting article from Slate called The Ethanol Backlash is Here. Daniel Gross gives a quick recap of the newest backlash against the latest craze: ethanol fuel. Ethanol haters are coming out of the woodwork, and Gross briefly outlines the arguments and refutes them all pretty well with just a small paragraph at the end. It's a situation I'm interested in staying on top of, since we clearly need some kind of alternative, and I was kind of hoping corn is it. I never liked eating that stuff anyway.

Lastly, I have to do a quick plug for a website I wrote content for earlier this summer, Greener FAQs. Although the site's really crappy, there are some really good tips on there for small things you can do to Go Green. (Please ignore the repetition of words in the copy. That's to get the site better placement on search engines. I really do write better than that. Haha.) Anyway, I did a bunch of research and put together the best tips about going green at home, at work, on the road and just in general. See the links under "GreenerFAQs" on the left hand side to find them. There's just three or four tips in each category, but they're actually worth considering. It's kind of too bad that nobody ever sees the site, because the information is decent.

Also, the Greener Store on the site has a bunch of cool stuff you can buy through that relates to global warming, including CFL bulbs, the DVD of An Inconvenient Truth, and stuff like canvas bags and clothes promoting global warming. Not that the packaging and shipping of that stuff helps the global warming problem. But hey, you know you're gonna order stuff online anyway. Might as well be global warming stuff.

Okay, I guess that's all for my global warming rant today. Also, if you want to laugh a little with regards to climate change, see my earlier post with the Will Ferrell video spoof of George Bush.


Ben said...

That's a sweet shirt.

Ben said...

Oh yeah, Blackle is great. Everyone in Research was conserving energy today. And by everyone I mean Eric and I. But it will slowly spread because I tell people about it when they stop by my computer to admire my shirtless Hasselhoff background.

Lisa said...

Well who could resist a shirtless Hasselhoff background? But let's not kid ourselves, they're really stopping to admire the sexy man in the lab coat.

Glad you liked Blackle. I think it's pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

So I had the blackle idea a long time ago. It was called googlenero...I just never tapped the right crowd.....sigh.