Saturday, August 18, 2007

And they all fall down.

Tony Snow stepped down today. One by one they fall. Dennis Hastert. Karl Rove. Tony Snow. Again, I say... Cheney?

This is interesting: "How to Hack Starbucks."

In the spirit of that, here's one of my fav Curb quotes:

Cheryl: I'll have a mocha.
Larry: I'll have a vanilla... bullshit thing. Whatever they're called, latte, cappa, whatever. One of those bullshit things.

(Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Gripe of the night: Only PC users can use the Netflix online viewing features. What is this, 1995? Hmm, also, if a PC user gets free access to videos online with their standard plan and I don't, shouldn't I get a refund of some sort? Or at least an apology from Netflix's programmers? Man up, Netflix.

Last but not least, Sabra won SYTYCD!! Way to go, girl.

Real post coming tomorrow. No, seriously this time.


Brett... said...

That's hilarious. Whenever I'm in a Starbucks, I think of that joke from Curb. Good stuff.

Jerzy said...

I applaud Netflix's decision to vilify and denigrate mac users.

Lisa said...

You would, Jerzy.

You're all just jealous cuz you know Macs - and Mac users - rock.