Friday, August 31, 2007

Bottom 10

Listing off a couple things I hate in that last post made me think of this Strongbad's Email called Bottom 10. Yes, the end is a little gross. (Not THAT gross. Just a little.) But I love So I couldn't resist posting this. If you don't know what is, check it out. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I love it. Especially Strongbad's Email. In fact, I love it to the extent that I even have the CD "Strongbad Sings and Other Type Hits." You should be jealous.

Anyway, I'm even tempted to make my own Bottom 10, but it's getting late and I have to work in the morning, so I shouldn't. (I will tell you that mine would include melted cheese. Let the other 9 remain a mystery for now.) I welcome you to submit YOUR bottom 10 in the comments section of this post.

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Brett... said...

Ahh, I hadn't watched Homestar in a while. I used to be obsessed with that site. Love it.