Thursday, August 2, 2007

Indie sitcom. Now we're talkin!

I found a link to this independent web sitcom earlier tonight when I was reading an article on about You Tube.

The show, "Break a Leg," isn't on TV, it's just on the web. See what you think. (P.S., to get rid of that annoying ad bar at the bottom of the video frame, just click the "x.")

I love the dry humor. I'm a big fan of that in general. I also really like David's character, and the editing they do is really clever. If you like the first part of the pilot posted here, see the rest of the pilot here at

(Also, something else I read in the slate article: the first independent feature film to be uploaded to You Tube. I've only watched the intro, but it's pretty cool. It's 70 mins long.)

(P.S. This also serves as a correction to my post last night about Chasing Amy and starry skies. Don't get me wrong, I still love indie films. These two vidoes, plus an indie film in my mailbox from Netflix today ("Lovely and Amazing"), plus the many indies scattered throughout my video collection, plus my encouragement of others to watch indies, should serve as proof. See? I love indie. :-) Just not indie endings for my love life. That's all.)

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Yuri B. said...

Hey, thanks for writing about us! Very much appreciated.

Just to let you know -- we've got a new website up now and a new minisode released just yesterday.

Glad you like the show!
-Yuri, that guy who plays David Penn.