Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Break a Leg"

I posted about the indie web sitcom "Break a Leg" the other day (read the post here), but today Yuri Baranovsky (the guy who plays David Penn and is also the show's writer and director) read my post and left a comment with some more information, so I'd like to mention it again and give you some updates.

First of all, "Break a Leg" just launched a new website! You can view it here, at BreakaLeg.TV. The site's pretty sweet, and it contains all the episodes produced so far (6 episodes, 1 minisode and 3 weblogs).

There's something new every week, be it a minisode, a weblog, etc., and the newest full episode will be released October 1. Seriously, go watch it. The writers are big fans of Arrested Development, The Office, and Scrubs, and you can see traces of all those shows in this one. And come on, those are basically the three best shows on TV. (Well, ok, Arrested Development isn't on TV anymore, but it should be.)

Anyway, it's really worth checking out. Plus, the episodes are divided into three parts, seven minutes each. You've got seven minutes to spare, right? Reading this blog probably takes you almost that long.

Also, you can find a link to the show's store on the site. As we all know, indie projects are indie because they're not financially supported by a big company. So any little bit helps. I know I'll be ordering a Swamblers shirt to help support these guys. Come on, blog readers! Let's get them on TV.

Really, I mean it. Wouldn't you like to see another show like Arrested Development, The Office and Scrubs on TV instead of yet another America's Got Crazy Pets, Kids and Flamethrowers?

Right, that's what I thought.

In case you forget what I'm talking about and are too lazy to go back to my old post, here's Part One of the pilot again, as well as a minisode -- for your viewing pleasure.


Yuri B. said...

You absolutely rock, thanks again for writing about us -- and to anyone reading this, feel free to email us at or even add us on AIM (BreakaLegSitcom) if you have any questions or want to talk to us personally.

Thank you!!

Erik said...

6 1/2