Thursday, August 9, 2007

Crank DAT!

First I must admit that I got the idea to name my blog "Street Cred" from the frequent use of the phrase among my college friends. Erik is the king of street cred, and he publicly doles out "street cred" or "shade cred" for awesome/shady things we do. (By publicly, I mean on an email list serv that only my friends and I read. I still consider that public. Listen well, Caroline Giuliani.)

Therefore, as Erik is the official arbiter of street cred, I have to take his feedback into consideration. He left a comment on my hydrogen video post basically telling me that I'm lame sauce for posting something so nerdy. He said if I really want my blog to deserve its title, I should be posting much cooler and street-cred-worthy vids, like his latest find "Crank Dat Spiderman."

I did take a look at Crank Dat Spiderman back when Erik emailed about it on the list serv, but the original version is hard to watch because the guy doing the dance has a big fake blood stain painted on the front of his t-shirt. That's so distracting to me, and it's really hard to watch and appreciate his sweet Spidey moves while I'm looking at a little blood. My mind wanders. I start thinking... I know that's not really blood. Why does he have blood on his shirt? Is he a Blood (as opposed to a Crip)? What's the impetus behind choosing a bloody shirt for your You Tube debut? You get the picture.

Anyway, here is a different version of Crank Dat Spiderman... this guy is pretty cool. And no blood on his shirt, so that's good. It's a little backlit, which is my only complaint. But this kid sure can dance the Spidey!

Anyway, seriously, this is a bit of a cultural phenomenon that should be on your radar. You'll notice that, not unlike Lazy Sunday, there have been a number of versions and spoofs, including Crank Dat Batman. (Speaking of Lazy Sunday, you've gotta see the British version. "Tea, motherf*ckers!")

So here's Crank Dat Spiderman. Enjoy. And remember... with great power comes great responsibility.


Ben said...

I'm enjoying the pop-up comment window much more. Thanks.

Lisa said...

Just for you, Ben.

Erik said...

I'm so proud!!! The report will take this heavily into consideration.

Crank dat Superman is my ringtone...I do the dance every time someone calls. It's absurdly entertaining. "LOL" funny as the kids would say.

I've also got jumprope, urkel, and fundip down...the spongebob dance is proving most difficult though...