Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't kill your TV.

TV gets street cred in India for empowering women. Take that, TV haters.

Something I am a bit of a hater of, however, is Wikipedia. Good for a quick check, not for valid info. In case you haven't read the most recent news about why it's bogus, read it here. Exxon. Psh. Also, check out the wikiscanner, most recently featured on the Colbert Report. Street cred indeed.


Brett... said...

I must admit that I use Wikipedia when I'm brainstorming a script idea. Not necessarily for the facts, but just to get the juices flowing.

Also, what happened to the last post about douchebag guys? Douchebag guys are as much of an issue as people not knowing about KKBB. Whether it was a drunk post or not, I say never edit yourself. I don' varying degrees of success...

Lisa said...

Drunk post is exactly what it was. But hey, you're right. It IS as much of an issue as anything else. I shall never edit myself again. (<-- lie.) I mean, I'll try not to. :-)