Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Y'all lucky I like that kinda shit"

Despite posting about it a while ago, I missed the official launch date of the new chapters of Trapped in the Closet on But don't worry, it's not finished yet. releases a new chapter each day. 13-18 are currently up on the site (watch them here), and I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. Here's my rundown as I watch each chapter. Feel free to follow along:

13: Not a strong come-back for Kels. I was expecting this to be the "best" chapter yet, since he's had so much time to work on it. I like the IFC guy interviewing Kels in the commentary sections. He's cute. I'm wondering if Kels feels like he has something to prove after being mocked about the first 12 chapters. His attitude is much different than in his commentary about the first 12 on the DVD.

14: Much better. That old element of mystery is back, as is the expository dialogue-singing. My favorite part is when Twon folds up his jacket at the end in preparation for a fight. Oh, and the skillet. That was great. As I watch this chapter, I wonder if R. Kelly purposely tried to make these a little fancier and/or serious, since they're premiering on IFC. (And what's with the occasional periods of silence?)

15: Helicopter graphic. Sweet. That aside, I still don't like that these are more serious than the other ones. I do, however, like the addition of Roxanne to this mix. She's badass.

16: IFC guy says it all: "The eye blinking is good." Haha the "acting" in these never ceases to amaze me. That aside, the best part is when Sylvester inexplicably whips out his gun. Then there's a lesbian kiss cliffhanger. Which is really what the viewer expects from Kels. Well done.

17: "Y'all lucky I like that kinda shit." Need I say more?

18: How do we go from Pimp Lucius (well done, Kels) to someone in the hospital all in the same chapter? The end was too serious. Although then it cuts to Kels and IFC guy, where Kels reveals his favorite part of this chapter. Hahaha. That part was great.

Okay, so overall, here are my thoughts:

Glad Kels is back to amuse us all with these ridiculous videos. NOT glad that he's taking himself more seriously and so they're not quite as ridiculous as they used to be. (Watch the first 12 chapters here. Also check out Weird Al's parody video, "Trapped in the Drive-Thru.")

However, I'll now be watching chapters 19-22 daily as they're released one by one on And don't forget, Kels still has more of these waiting to go. The storyline could feasibly carry on forever, which means the vids could too. And wouldn't that be sweet.

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