Sunday, August 19, 2007

"I invented dice when I was a kid."

Earlier I jokingly told Brett that I was going to post about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in an attempt to get it some much deserved street cred. Then I said that maybe someone with a more popular blog should be the one posting about it to actually spread the word about this fantastic movie. But hey, you gotta start somewhere. So even though I was just joking earlier, I'm gonna mention it anyway.

Ok, seriously, if you're reading my blog and you haven't seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you must go out and get it right now. Go. Now. Or at least put it on your Netflix list. Good. Now move it to the top of your queue.

Still not convinced? It's hilarious, full of sarcasm, has wonderfully developed characters, a fantastic script, great direction, and all the elements you want in a movie. Including a few chase scenes for all you action flick fans out there, some good old fashioned lovin for the romantics in the hizzouse, and lots and lots of mystery. (Can you figure it out before they do? I bet you won't. Yes, that's a challenge.) Oh, and did I mention that it's hilarious?

I love it.

You will love it too.

(A caveat: Please don't be turned off when you see that Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer are in it. You'd be shocked how great they are in this. And SO funny. Seriously, just go watch it. You'll thank me later.)


Ben said...

What are you trying to say about Robert and Val?

2 movies that prove Robert Downy Jr. is awesome: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, A Scanner Darkly

2 movies that prove Val Kilmer is awesome: Heat, The Doors

Lisa said...

Hey, believe me, I think they're great... especially Robert Downey Jr. I'd add Wonderboys to the list of things that make him amazing. HOWEVER, if you've ever tried to get someone to watch this movie, you know that that is everyone's first reaction. It always get a big ol' "Hmm... Val Kilmer? Seriously? This can't be as high quality as you're saying it is."

So you have to know your audience. I agree with you about Heat. Awesome film. But Val is a hang up for a lot of people. And I'm saying that if Val Kilmer is your hang up (someone else's, not MINE), get over it.

Ben, have you seen KKBB? You would love it.

Brett... said...

Nice shout out.

Just watched Heat yesterday.

And let's not forget Michelle Monaghan. She needs to be in more stuff like this, and less stuff where she's being Katie Holmes's creepy stand-in (i'm looking at you MI:III)

Lisa said...

hahahaha SO true... and very funny