Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News from the Future.

Back to the Future and elements thereof have been in the news recently. Not surprising, since lately there's been a bit of an '80s retro push. (Transformers. TMNT. Need I say more? - P.S., to read more retro, see Brett's post on arcades or Ben and Jerzy's post on TMNT.)

So because I love BTF, I feel compelled to post these items so you can all share in my geekdom and revel in the McFly legacy. "You're my... density."

1) The DeLorean is back! I guess it was an unsuccessful car before BTF came out, go figure - but now DeLorean Motor Co. is giving it a second go, hoping fans in the mood for a retro throw-back will place orders for a time machine of their own. The cars will cost $57,500, and the company can make two a month - so get your orders in today! (Flux Capacitor not included.)

2) Speaking of time machines, scientists think they figured out how to build them. In the future, of course. The technology doesn't exist yet. Apparently the "machine" is the space-time continuum itself. Doc was on to something. Downside: you wouldn't be able to travel to any time before the machine was created. Another downside: is it me or does this sound like it involves running? Another downside: I think it would kill you. Read the article and see what you think.

3) Back in the day, Nike actually filed patents to make the sneakers featured in Back to the Future II. Sadly, the patents expired in 1996. Guess you'll have to get your crazy futuristic high-tops elsewhere.

4) Last, but certainly not least, and definitely my favorite, here is Biff from BTF. I guess he does stand-up now (yikes), and this video is his song called "Questions," about being in BTF. It's so funny. I leave you with this. Enjoy:

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Erik said...

Goodness this is quality blogging.

That should kill 20 minutes of your life.

There is a DeLorean club in Buffalo consisting of like 5 guys who still own the vintage ones...though I won't drop 57k for a new one, I would gladly spent that amount for a hoverboard...

Now you got exactly three seconds to get off my porch with your nuts intact!