Monday, August 20, 2007

No Reservations. Whatsoever.

Anthony Bourdain. Coolest. Guy. Ever.

Don't believe me? Watch No Reservations tonight at 10 on the Travel Channel. He's hilarious, he's a famous chef and a food connoisseur, he eats lots of testicles (yeah, I know, gross... but you gotta admit, the man's got balls... haha), he travels all over the world, he's a New Yorker, and he's just a generally cool guy. Plus, he has pretty hair. Oh! And his restaurant Les Halles on Park Ave in NYC is right across the street from where I work! One of these days I hope he comes there just so I can catch a glimpse.

Anyway, watch it. It's great.


Brett... said...

I know this post belongs on your other blog, but have you seen Pushing Daisies yet? It's top notch. You can find it in torrent form, if you can't wait until Oct 3rd.

Lisa said...

No! I keep seeing all these ads for it on the buses and stuff in the city. It looks SO good. It's gonna be on FX, right? Oct. 3 is too far away. How do I get it in torrent form? Help me - despite working at an online marketing agency, I'm a technical idiot when it comes to certain things.