Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pull up your pants... or else?

I read this article today from the New York Times: "Are Your Jeans Sagging? Go directly to jail." Although these kinds of legal measures have been proposed before and shot down, like in this town in Connecticut, several communities across the country have now officially made saggy pants illegal - with offenders subject to either a jail sentence or a fine.

Are these people kidding me? Where do we live? Sure, so I don't wear my pants so low that you can see my (very cute) underwear. Do I think it's stupid when other people do? Yeah maybe. But that doesn't mean I think we should make a LAW about it. What's next? Uniforms for everyone in the country?

I don't really have time to elaborate on why this bothers me so much. Except to say that pieces of legislation like this are racist and ridiculous. The style is distinctly tied to hip-hop, which means these laws are targeted to a specific demographic. Young black men. Yeah, why don't we target THEM some more? It's preposterous. Just because this style is not conformist it's literally being outlawed. This makes me feel like it's still the 1950s.

And what happened to freedom of expression? I don't like some people's t-shirts. For example, guys who wear those shirts that say "Tickle THIS Elmo" with an arrow pointing down. I also could stand to never see another pair of Ugg boots ever again. Do I think we should make a law banning this stuff? Hell no!

(Your opinions on whether or not the NBA should have dress codes is one thing. It's an organization, it can make its own rules to some extent. But the government?!?! Go back and read 1984 and Brave New World and then tell me this does not freak you out.)

Come on people. Get some perspective. Don't we have more important things to worry about? The war in Iraq, for instance. Let's fix that debacle instead. Leave the baggy-jeaned kids alone.


Brett... said...

I can only assume that the aforementioned guys wearing "Tickle THIS Elmo" shirts are also wearing red, fuzzy fanny packs with a stuffed Elmo attached. I mean, Elmo is red and fuzzy. Jeez...unless they have some sort of FUCKED up STD. But if that's the case, why would they be wearing a t-shirt advertising their condition? I'm so confused. I'm sure Sesame Street can answer my questions.

Lisa said...

Sesame Street can answer ANY question.

Also, I gotta tell ya, the Elmo fanny pack suggestion gets you some mad street cred in my book. Unusual choice of imagery, and very funny. I actually may have had one of those when I was little. And yet see how I didn't wear a t-shirt with a big arrow pointing to it?


I shake my fist at testosterone here yet again. If you need a big red arrow to point out that yours is bigger, it probably isn't. Am I right?

Billy said...

Racist indeed.

5 grams of crack will get you 5 years, and 5 grams of cocaine a probation sentence. It is much better to smoke cocaine which only carries a maximum sentence of 1 year.

They need to teach inner school kids to stay away from crack and deal only cocaine because there's more money to be made in it. Also if you get caught, the sentencing is much lighter.