Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The whitest kids u know"

These are three short sketches from The Whitest Kids U Know. My friend said they're "the new Ask the Ninja"... I don't know about that, but some of their stuff is pretty funny. (And some of it isn't. It's hit or miss for me. But that's just how sketch comedy is.) The Whitest Kids U Know is a sketch comedy troupe in New York City (according to Wikipedia, they still perform at Pianos on Sunday nights at 8 for free). Then they got their own show, which used to air on Fuse, but whose second season will now air on IFC. The first video below is called "Burglar," the second is "The New Thing," and the third is "What really happened to Abe Lincoln." Enjoy.

The Whitest Kids U Know - website
The Whitest Kids U Know - youtube

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