Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cred report

My friend from work, "Billy Smooth," aka the SEO Master, gave my blog a shout-out on his blog (read the post here: "Street Cred", and read the rest of Billy's blog here).

Just wanted to include a cred-worthy excerpt -- in the post, Billy gives an explanation of what street cred is, and then he lists some examples, which is the paragraph I've included below. Very astute, in my opinion. (With the clarification that Bill Clinton is the one with pimping street cred, not Hillary. Although I think that's pretty obvious.) Here it is:

"Some rappers live a hard life, and earn a modest amount of street cred without hurting themselves. Whereas 50 cent got shot nine times and survived, so he has automatic street cred. Bush hiding out at his ranch has no street cred. Clinton has pimping street cred. Condoleeza has street cred for an accomplished career no doubt, but has ventured too much over to the dark side of American supremacist politics to deserve additional points of street cred. Chavez has street cred where he survived a military coup d’etat and strengthened his nation with one million AK-47s from Russia."

Now that's a cred report if I've ever seen one. I'd also add that Condoleeza gets a couple cred points for her name, as well as her nickname. (Condoleeza? Condi? Awesome.) Glad that the idea of street cred and allocable cred points is spreading. Keep it up, kids.

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