Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Hi, haaaave you met Ted?"

Well I finished "Rape: A Love Story" (FANTASTIC, by the way. Read it!), so now I'm going to try to lighten things up around here. So much seriousness the last two days.

So. Here are some quick clips from How I Met Your Mother. They're so much better in context though. (Netflix season one. Go!) I can't WAIT for the new season. Please please please, Emmys, give HIMYM some street cred. (I know, it's not gonna happen. Maybe next year though?)


"Suit up/Have you met Ted":





Ben said...

Is that NPH by any chance?

Lisa said...

Oh indeed it is. Doogie at his finest!

Brett... said...

I use the "Have you met ______?" on my unsuspecting friends at bars, mainly for my own amusement, but also because it has never not worked. And Slap Bet was one of the finest half hours of television produced in the last 5 years.