Wednesday, October 17, 2007

About the issues

[Okay, my disclaimer for this is that I realize it's very simplified, boiled-down, color-by-numbers politics. This is the reason people hate USA Today - because they create Cosmo-like quizzes to tell you who to vote for.]

BUT... Disclaimer aside, I actually think this a really valuable exercise. Take this quiz from USA Today: here -- it asks you 11 questions about the issues in the 2008 presidential campaign. Based on your answers, it will tell you the top three candidates who match your views.

Why, you ask, do I think this is a good idea? Because voting for president SHOULD be about the issues, not about party affiliations, popularity, or campaign finance.

I've been very confused by the presidential campaigning. There are so many candidates, and I have trouble finding the bottom line amid all the lies. This helped clear things up a bit - and helped me realize which candidates I should start reading about in depth. Candidates aside, it will at least get you thinking about how you really feel about some of the issues.

So try it for yourself. After all, knowledge is power. (And come on, quizzes are cool. Yeah, you know it.)


Ben said...

Gravel, Kucinich and Huckabee are the three they gave me.

Lisa said...

Obama, Biden, Clinton...

There was a lot of stuff they didn't ask about that's important to me though... but still. Food for thought.

Ben said...

I am a bit curious as to what issues were different for us. The three you got were only about half-way up for me.