Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Read this article from the ever-colorful USA Today about Facebook: "Tech giants poke around Facebook," and see what you think.

For me, this article raises a lot of questions. I've thought about them all before, but this kind of brought them all together for me. Just a sampling... Does Facebook have staying power? Do you think it's better than My Space? Do the benefits of Facebook outweigh the privacy risk? How will targeted ads (currently experimented with on My Space, and making their way to Facebook within the next year) impact users - or are Facebook users smarter than the average Internet-surfer-slash-ad-clicker? How will it impact usage of Facebook if one of these mega-companies swoops it up? And more importantly, are these social networking sites just a fad, or are they here to stay?

So many questions, so little bandwidth.

I hope Zuckerberg has a great lawyer.

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