Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top (...ish) Ten

I've been posting less often and about more serious things lately, and it's kind of getting me down. So in an effort to bring back some fun - and a little funk - I've decided to post a companion to my Bottom 10. Youuu guessed it! My Top 10. For someone as cynical as I am, thinking of ten things I love was pretty difficult. I tried to avoid anything obvious (TV, coffee, chocolate, books, peace, Mac products, tequila...):

10) Stationery. (I don't even know why. It's not like I write letters anymore. But there's something about stationery, matching envelopes, cards, stamps that just makes me happy.)

9) Toasted pop tarts. (I never eat them because they're terrible for you and who even knows what's in them. But a good toasted pop tart with a little butter on it makes for one happy Lisa. I should buy some.)

8) Bendy straws. (They can't be the straight kind like they pawn off on you at most fast food restaurants. Gotta be the kind that bend at a 90 degree angle. And if they're colored, that's a bonus. I have a package at home that I use in my drinks. Simple pleasures.)

7) The words "perplexed" and "inexplicably." (Fun to say, fun to spell, fun to use in a sentence. "Inexplicably" is also incredibly useful, especially for an extra comedic punch when used on its own as a sentence. Or maybe it's the x in there that I like. Or the nice strong syllables. Whatever it is, I love those words.)

6) Men's cologne. (This one might seem like it should be on the obvious list, but I'm uniquely obsessed with nice-smelling men's cologne. In college my old roommate used to buy me small sample bottles of men's cologne that we would spray around the room, just because. Give me a nice-smelling man any day.)

5) Water. (Lakes, rivers, oceans, rain, boats... anything that has to do with water. Maybe it's because I'm a water sign. But it's completely relaxing to me, and it makes me really happy. When I'm older I want to have a vacation house or cottage with a boat. Someday.)

4) Ballet shoes. (The flat kind, not pointe shoes. Mostly because of the way they smell. They smell like... new leather, September, after school snacks, cute little girls. And they're adorable. Ahh, Capezio.)

3) Sprint yellow. (It's a combination of things here. Mostly the actual shade of yellow Sprint uses in the ad combined with the fantastic branding job Sprint has done. Anytime I see that shade of yellow with black writing, I think of Sprint. There's something ingenious about that.)

2) Stories. (Not people who blab on and on about things you don't care about - those aren't the stories I'm talking about. I mean two kinds of stories. First, stories like fairy tales, etc. that are told out loud. Classic bedtime story format. Not necessary that they start with "once upon a time," or even that they be fictional, just that they be told aloud, with appropriate story intonation. The second kind is books, novels, short stories, etc. that someone reads aloud. The Hobbit is a particularly good one to read aloud. Try it sometime. It's very relaxing. And it makes me happy.)

1) Grammar. (I said at work recently, "I'm not trying to be a know-it-all. I just really love grammar." I don't think I'll ever live it down, which is okay with me, because it's absolutely true. I like copy editing and helping people understand commas and apostrophes and other punctuation. There's something about the rules of grammar that I love. There's also something about saving other people's writing from a misplaced piece of punctuation, a little noun-pronoun disagreement, etc. It's my thing. I love it. It makes me happy. Mock as you will. I'm a self-proclaimed grammar geek, and I don't care who knows it.)

There you have it. Ten things I love. Not necessarily my top ten, but a great ten nonetheless. Your turn.


Anonymous said...

Now how would you happen to know that The Hobbit read aloud is a groovy thing. ;-)

Lisa said...

:-) :-) groovy... this can only be an anonymous post by the one and only Chris Mackowski. Hi!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey! Yep it's me! I couldn't figure out how to sign my name last night. I was excited to find you on the blogosphere, though. Hurray!