Thursday, November 8, 2007


I'd be remiss if I didn't write yet another post about Google, after attending the Google party after ad:tech this week in NYC. (I felt so privileged to be "on the list." Ask me about it sometime.)

As you know, I've posted ad nauseum about Google taking over the world. (See my older posts here and here. Some of my friends post about Google too, like my friend David at Read some of his Google posts here and here.)

Considering that, I was surprised today to hear that a couple of my non-blog-reading friends had no idea how powerful Google has become. I joked that I was sure my retinas had been scanned and all my personal information had been "shared" (read: stolen) while I was at the party. Their response? Confusion.

After I sent them a few links to do some reading up on one of the biggest superpowers I know, they were legitimately creeped out. No need to be creeped out, but you should be aware of what's going on in the web space, even if you're not in the biz. You use the internet, right? We could all use a little education.

In that spirit, try keeping up with Google news. Here's a link from my favorite dumbed-down, pretty-charts newspaper, USA Today. (You might be surprised to find Google at the gas pump, on your phone, at your online checkout, and in many other places you'd never have guessed. Collecting your personal information.)

If you have patience for some more substantial articles, you can read the ones that led to my suspicion and paranoia about Google. And yes, I'm aware that Google's reading this right now, thanks to Google's Blogger program that I use to produce Street Cred. First read this article from the NY Times: "Company will monitor phone calls to tailor ads," and then read this article from Slate: ""Google's Evil Eye: Does the big G know too much about us?" -- and then tell me you're not just a little paranoid...

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