Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Red and GREEN

There's just something about the Christmas coffee cups at Dunkin Donuts that makes me want to buy coffee and then go Christmas shopping. Have you seen them? They're the standard styrofoam DD cups, but they have tiny red and green Christmas trees on them. I don't know what about them is so attractive to me.

But the environmentalist in me cringes. Why does Dunkin Donuts still insist on using styrofoam cups? Even if they're decorated all cute-like and Christmas-y.

On the other hand, the world's new superpower Google has started going green. Read the article from CNet News here: "Google to enter clean-energy business"

Google founder Larry Page said: "We feel hypocritical as a company so we want to make the investments so that alternatives are available down the road."

Sounds like a pretty decent plan to me. Now if only the other superpower - you know, America - would follow suit...


Ben said...

I was just about to post something about this in one of your comments with a question like, 'see, Google is not all bad..?'

Of course, you are much faster than I am...

Lisa said...

:) Beat ya to it.

And for the record, I don't hate Google. I'd still work there in a heartbeat. It's just gone from cool start-up to major superpower so quickly -- mining so much personal information in the process -- that now I'm creeped out. :)