Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dear Barista: I'll have a Virgin White Russian?

Blog readers:

Would you attend a Starbucks "happy hour" - no alcohol, of course? I'd give it a go. But I don't exactly foresee that as the key to success the 'Bucks has been looking for.

"Forget the Cute TV Critters; Starbucks Needs a Happy Hour"

But do I agree with the author that the Starbucks ads definitely aren't doing it for me. The article also includes valuable insight into the problem with Starbucks' widespread popularity. It's no longer an "experience," a "getaway" -- dare I say an "oasis"?

I've spent many an hour in that place. Studying, chilling, chatting, cramming, procrastinating, working, reading... it used to be the place to do it all. Maybe it's just since I moved to the city, but Starbucks doesn't hold the same allure. Don't get me wrong though, my heart still skips a beat to see those red cups back again. (Talk about great branding.)

What do you think? Actually, I know what a lot of you think -- "Starbucks is the devil. So who cares?" I know. (I really do.) What do the rest of you think?

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