Tuesday, December 11, 2007

va-jay-jay: origins

Also, the origins of "va-jay-jay," used oh so cleverly in the title of my last blog post.

"What Did You Call It?"

From the New York Times a couple weeks ago.

Think it's a step forward? A step backward? Don't care? Yeah, me either really. But what's interesting to me is that the reason Shonda Rimes used it on Grey's Anatomy (which is where it gained so much popularity) was to appease ABC Standards and Practices, who requested there be fewer uses of the word "vagina" on the show.

Shonda later went on to make the series Private Practice, picked up by ABC, which is about an ob-gyn practice. Where there are infinite mentions of the vagina. Whole storylines surrounding it, in fact. And perhaps just a little too much labor for comfort. (Read about it in my post at The Televisionista.) Anyway, thought you might be interested.

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Ben said...

If I ever have kids they will be taught the proper names and that they are not funny or disgusting.