Thursday, January 3, 2008

Branding at its best

Check out this site: Emma Email Marketing. I saw an ad for it in the AAAA Smart Brief this morning. (The smart brief is an advertising news email and also a vehicle for advertising to advertisers.)

Anyway, the copywriting and branding on the site is excellent. Even the site's marketing efforts like planting 5 trees for every new customer. It's all incredibly cohesive. Clearly Emma is speaking to a specific demographic. (Me.)

Beyond that, Emma's advertising not only speaks to its target demographic... it speaks OF its target demographic. There's obviously a lot of research that's gone into this creative strategy, and I think it deserves a shout-out for its mad street cred. So I leave you with Emma's AAAA ad:

Emma® Email Marketing: Stylish, just like you.

You wear hipster glasses, and so does Emma. Your hair always has that just-mussed look, and so does Emma's. Your t-shirt says "Camp Awesome," and Emma is a fictional email-marketing icon and doesn't have arms. If you've been searching for a stylish email marketing service (at an equally stylish price), maybe it's time you met Emma. Let's be stylish together, shall we? Request your Emma tour today. And seriously, nice t-shirt.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, you've gone and made us blush. Thanks for the kind words. We only had to gloss over your 'about me' profile (Jon Stewart, Mac, coffee, grammar nerd) to know that you and Emma are kindred spirits, and I'm awfully glad you've met our gal.