Saturday, April 5, 2008

Forget mom's makeup... it's microdermabrasion time!

If you want to be frightened and concerned (and who doesn't?!) get a load of this article from Philadephia Magazine: "Trend: Pretty Babies".

I think I've said my piece on this topic before (read my earlier post, "Lolita's Closet", or this one, "Is your va-jay-jay better than your visa?"), but I thought it's worth mentioning again.

Moms, please don't dye your six-year-old's hair, or take your daughter for a bikini wax at the age of 12. Don't you think there's enough pressure on young girls, between the beauty industry, the media, and the fashion world (nevermind their peers)? They don't need it from their moms.

Articles like this make me think some people just shouldn't be allowed to breed.

PS: Can I find a way to blame this on Hannah Montana?

PSS: Thanks for sending the article, Ben


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Ben said...

I agree with oled.