Sunday, April 13, 2008

Morford your money

Gotta give it to Mark Morford - this guy always has the most interesting-slash-entertaining take on things I'm interested-slash-entertained by. Read his piece, "The great pubic hair conundrum," which you'll notice is about the same article I blogged about last week in my post, "Forget Mom's Makeup - it's Microdermabrasion Time!"

As usual, Morford has a unique take on the whole debacle. He makes some excellent points, but I have to say, my favorite is this:

"The truth here is as obvious as it is deeply entertaining: Bad parenting abounds, baby, and what's more, I say our culture needs psycho parents and their preening, hyperplucked kids simply because the culture needs future Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans and spoiled UCLA sorority girls with names like Dakota and Bree because, well, who else will we mock? Who else can future generations of normal kids look to and say, oh my God, at least I'm not like that? Who will grow up to date all the obnoxious frat guys and have bad drunken sex with them for 3.2 minutes and later marry and soon contribute to America's good Christian divorce rate? Exactly."

True dat, Morford. Keep 'em coming.

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