Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brand it up!

When you're thinking about good branding (I know, you're thinking about it ALL the time), consider how many brands you use in a day. Dear Jane has a great example here with the post "Fun with brands." That exercise is something you may even want to try yourself, on your blog, or website, or... spiral notebook?

Once you start thinking about the brands you use, pay close attention to which ones spring to mind first, and how they make you feel. We all know branding isn't just about a name and a logo - it's about what connotations the brand has for you, what characteristics you associate with it, etc.

When I think, "What brands do I use every day?," the first few that spring to mind for me are: Apple (yeah, my mac is sweet), Dove and Starbucks. (And that makes me happy, because Dove is Ogilvy's client, so that means we're doing a good job.) What about you, blog readers? What brands do you use every day? And what do they mean to you?