Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear today: I love and hate you

Instead of keeping it all in my head, I figured I'd tell you some things I love and some things I hate that happened to me today. Maybe you can relate to my human experience:

1) I HATE making a fool of myself to attractive people in elevators. Especially attractive people who I've been bumping into for weeks and who finally introduced themselves to me tonight in a very cute way and all I could muster up was something about being in advertising. I really hate that. You know it happens to you. ::bangs head against wall::

2) I LOVE The Darjeeling Limited. This is a great movie. I saw it in theaters, and today it delivered itself to my mailbox, courtesy of Netflix. It's hilarious and meaningful, and I highly recommend it. It's also directed by Wes Anderson. I mean, come on.

3) I HATE cockroaches. I killed the biggest one I've ever seen in my life outside my sister's apartment this morning and it's been haunting me all day. Absolutely disgusting...

4) I LOVE Dave Eggers. His "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" (Pulitzer Prize finalist - ahem) is one of my favorite books ever, and now I'm reading "You Shall Know our Velocity." This guy has quite the way with words and a lightening-quick wit. Absolutely one of the best modern writers. And I think I'm in love with him.

5) I HATE whatever is beeping outside my apartment for the last week and a half. Seriously, I can't take it any more. What's going to be even worse is if, after all this, the beeping is originating from within my own apartment underneath my fake wood floorboards in some kind of tell-tale heart storyline twist that's going to make me fling myself out my screenless windows.

That's all I'll put you through for tonight. Now I'm going to head off to watch Will & Grace (something else I LOVE). Peace out, haters.


Ben said...

So what's the deal here? I leave the country and you start blogging again? I mean, what's that shit about?

The Darjeeling Unlimited is awesome. One of my friends has Rushmore here so I finally watched it and it was hilarious. Also, Dave Eggars is great. You should got to and look for his recent TED wish. It's really good and quite inspiring.

Brett... said...

Now, this might seem kind of morbid (and it is) but the other night, bored, whilst in the kitchen, i grabbed my long pointy kitchen lighter and torched a couple little cockroaches that were scampering across the counter. it felt good. so then i made my way to the sink and torched a couple bigger ones. it felt great. then i yelled "let that be a lesson to the rest of you!"

now, over the past few days, the word must have gotten out. no little roaches scampering about. no slightly larger roaches chillin' in the sink. was it my pyrotechnic threats? was it the fact that i finally did the dishes? maybe we'll never know...but what i'm trying to say probably shouldn't light cockroaches on fire or else you might burn your favorite plate. harsh lessons.

Lisa said...

wow, Brett. wow. a cautionary tale for the ages.