Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3: Will you please get on board, people

I honestly can't understand why anyone would *voluntarily* use Internet Explorer (aka "IE," aka "worst browser ever"), except that they're incredibly lazy and it's what comes with their PC. But please please know that there are other, better, free options out there. By this I mean Firefox. Please do me a favor. Download Firefox and use it for one full week. Go back to using IE for 10 minutes. Don't you want to punch yourself in the face?? Yeah, I thought so.

Plus, if you want to talk about street cred, check out the updates they're making to Firefox 3, slated to be released today. (Read about them here: "Firefox 3: New front in the browser war.") I haven't downloaded it yet, but all I need to know is that it includes something called the "Awesome bar." Done. Download here.

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