Thursday, June 19, 2008


So there's this blog my friend Cindy found called iCiNG (find it at: I thought one of her latest posts, called "Loving A New City: Alone," was worth writing about briefly.

No, I'm not new to the city, and yes I have friends here (and now my sister - yay!), but I still feel pretty lonely most of the time. In this post, she talks about some suggestions to help you meet people. Namely, 1) strike up convos with 5 new people a week, 2) don't just draw into your shell and listen to your iPod all the time on the subway etc - instead make yourself more open, and 3) make time for something other than work stuff - like hobbies or a class or something.

These are all great suggestions (and SO not my jam, but maybe that's the problem). I may actually try this stuff. Here goes nothin. :)

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Cynthia Silvestri said...

When i was single in philly, i used to intentionally go out alone some nights so I could meet people - it's just a fact that no one wants to approach a crowd. always worked like a charm ;)

I also think it's super important to set aside some me-time, as difficult as that can be with our busy, busy lives.

we need to have a sister-sister meetup!