Thursday, June 12, 2008


These two guys (my former profs) have some mad street cred, which means I have some cred by association. (Just go with me on this.)

First, there's Bob Thompson, my favorite professor from Syracuse. I know way more about TV and pop culture than any of you ever will thanks to this man. (Exception: Sarah Pye, who took all the classes with me.) At Ogilvy, I get different trade pubs routed to me from the library, and one of those is AdWeek. Today I opened it up and saw an article by Bobby T (as we like to call him) about the Kennedy-Nixon televised debates (one of his fav topics from classes). Read the article here. I just love this guy - and he writes the way he talks, which makes the article even better. Ah Bobby T. How I adore thee.

Then, there's David Hadju. He mentored and critiqued me through my master's thesis at Syracuse, thereby turning me into a better writer. Last night I was watching the Colbert Report and thinking of turning it off after "the word" - but instead I put the tv on mute and got distracted by my computer. I looked up a few minutes later, and I saw Hadju on tv! He was Colbert's guest last night, to promote his new book about comic books (here it the book in audio form from Amazon... can't find the actual book for some reason). I thought that was super cool. I almost feel like I know Steven Colbert now. Watch the episode below.

What I'm saying here is that I saw two of my profs being famous within the span of 12 hours. This obviously means something for my life, I just haven't figured out what quite yet. :)

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