Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NYC becoming home

An article my friend sent to me from the New York Times really touches on how it feels to be a newcomer to New York City, and it also offers some inspiration for those newcomers -- telling them that eventually, New York will start to feel like home. Check out the article here: "City Fits, Eventually, for New Arrivals"

In my own experience, it is tough starting out here in New York, especially coming here alone like I did. It's tough to meet friends, because people can seem closed-off here and because it's nearly impossible to break into someone's already-established group. They either grew up here with the people in their group, or they went to college together, neither of which lends itself to late joiners. Beyond that, it's tough to meet significant others here. People here seem to be either in relationships or not looking for them. On top of all that, there are TONS of people here. It can all make a person feel very lonely.

But after living here for over 2 years now, you learn that it also can be a really inviting place. There are certain things that really unite this city, and the distance from people that you initially feel on, say, the subway actually is a kind of closeness. There's a huge camaraderie with people who live in New York. And it really starts to grow on you. And the more people you meet, the more you love it here. There are a million reasons why I love New York City, but those are only a few. I'm thankful that my sister moved here recently, but I also was loving it before that. What starts out as loneliness eventually is counteracted with all the great things about this place. And now I'm very defensive of my city. Hate to hear haters of it complaining. Come live here for two years and then we'll talk.

So if you're new to the city, take heart. If you were considering moving here, read the article and reconsider. And if you do move here, call me. I've been through it all and have come out the other side. :)

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