Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time is my enemy

Why do I not have time for anything anymore???

1) I have no time to blog. When is everyone blogging? Some of my friends write nice long meaningful posts several times a day. When are you writing these, guys? I'm writing this one quickly at work, but I never ever have time to do that (including right now... shh), because I am working every second I am at work. No joke. Don't even have a lunch break. Today I got to work at 7:55 am. If you think I was going to get up earlier than I did in order to blog, you don't know me very well. Then I work work work all day, with no breaks, until usually sometime between 7:30 and 8:30pm. This puts me home around 9:30pm, and then by the time I eat dinner, catch up on my Scrabulous games, etc, it's about time to go to bed. So I ask again, when are you finding time to blog? I'm jealous.

2) I have no time for real food. I'm extremely lucky that my new work has a cafeteria inside the building, so that I can usually grab oatmeal for breakfast and a salad for lunch. But sadly half of the oatmeal and 3/4 of the salad usually sits there staring at me until at 7pm I decide it's getting disgusting-looking and since I never got a chance to eat it I might as well throw it out. Then I go home and it's so late that I don't want to cook, so I eat something ridiculous for dinner, like cereal, or a rice krispie treat, or carrots. Not healthy.

3) I have no time to do laundry. For the reasons stated above. Do you think I'm going to waste my weekends doing laundry after all that? Hardly.

4) I have no time to watch the movies on my summer movie list. Partly because the ones at home right now are The Godfather and All About Eve, which are uninteresting to me. But also because I want to spend any free moment doing something else other than watching an old movie. Playing WoW, for example.

5) I have no time to play WoW. Yes I'm a nerd who likes to play WoW. But my quests are stacking up and my XP is not. Sigh. Speaking of video games, my Game Cube is dusty right now as well.

6) I have no time to be sick, and yet I am.

So I ask you, where can I find more time? I guess I can not talk online as much at night. And get up earlier on the weekends. What has become of me? Any suggestions for where I can find more time??

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