Thursday, September 25, 2008

24 torture tactics?

Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled at the idea of 24 returning, even for just a 2-hour special. But it's such a tease. After the series being postponed because of the writer's strike last season and not airing at all, and now this 2-hour tease ("24: Redemption," set to air Sunday November 23), I really just want to see the actual series as it's meant to be seen.

Programming-wise, it's a good idea to get everyone remembering this show again. But is it really the show, if it's a self-contained 2-hour special? They claim that this sets the stage for what happens in Season 7. But part of what's so great about the show is the hour-to-hour urgency as you race through 24 episodes of craziness. The serial nature of the show is why we love it. Why tease me with 2 hours 2 months before the show actually starts?

Jack Bauer, you are breaking my heart. "There's no time!!!!"

Click to watch the trailer for 24: Redemption.

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