Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm not quite sure what to think about the debate between McCain and Obama over the debates.

From what I understand, McCain is putting his campaign on hold to go back to Washington and deal with the economic crisis. He wants to put the debates on hold too. Obama says the future president should be able to do more than one thing at a time and he wants to forge ahead with the debates.

What's really going on here? Is McCain panicking about the debates like some pundits are saying? The Daily Show and Colbert Report last night made some very funny jokes about the whole situation. (Watch this "Stephen Suspends the Show" video clip from last night's ep.) Does McCain putting his campaign on hold really accomplish anything except giving him more time to prepare for the debates?

On the other hand, like this article from AdAge says, Obama is a junior senator who doesn't have much on his record in terms of actual legislation. Would it behoove him to go back to Washington and concentrate on this, rather than practicing for a debate? And does he really want to come across as someone more worried about getting elected than about helping the country? Or is he right that you can't just shut down and concentrate on one thing, you have to be able to do it all? Or is that not even the issue?

To be honest, I'm not really sure what I think. I wouldn't want to be either of these guys right now, I'll tell you that. What say you, blog readers? What would you do?

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