Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin/Moyers showdown?

YES. Genius. Rob McElvaine at the Huffington Post today raised the best suggestion I've heard in a while -- "Let Bill Moyers Question Palin." It's brilliant.

Why is this brilliant? A number of reasons:

1) I am in love with Bill Moyers. I know it seems weird because he is old, but he's a terrific journalist.

2) As McElvaine says in the article, some of the questions in Charlie Gibson's interview may have stumped Palin, but he didn't actually talk about some of the tougher issues, like Palin's evangelical background.

3) McElvaine's quote about Sean Hannity says it best: "Sarah Palin's second interview is scheduled for Tuesday with Sean Hannity of Fox News. We can hope he will surprise everyone and attempt to act as if Fox were a real news organization by asking her the questions that need to be asked. But who's going to hold her or his breath on that one?"

4) Moyers is a Christian and may venture to actually engage her in a discussion about her beliefs.

It's genius. Please, McCain-Palin campaign, let Bill Moyers interview Sarah Palin. It's the interview we all need to see.


Ben said...

Never going to happen.

Did you ever see this?

Ben said...

Sorry you have to copy and paste but Fringe is on in a few minutes and I have to go watch that.

Anyway, Bill Moyers is awesome, I agree. And that's exactly why he will never be allowed to interview her. I hope that someday soon I'll be able to say, "I stand corrected" though.