Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"An Adman from A to V"

Apparently Ogilvy Athens created a 60th Anniversary tribute to David Ogilvy. As a warning - the credits say, "Caution: The following clip is an amateur effort." And the credits are right.

But there's still something great about it, almost even more so because it's so low-budget. This sentiment behind the video is part of the Ogilvy culture and permeates the halls around Ogilvy NYC, albeit in not quite as "funny" of a way. People my age never knew David Ogilvy, as he died several years ago, but the company does a great job in orientation of making you feel like you do. We're proud to work for this man's company, and his ethics, paradigms and quippy quotes are ingrained in our culture here. It really is David Ogilvy's company, even post mortem.

Anyway, that's the context behind the company and Athens' video. Hopefully you get a laugh, even if it's AT them.

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