Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Best of Mad Street Cred

Well, I was reading Nubby Twiglet today, and her "Best of" sidebar inspired me to add one of my own. But I thought I'd write a little something about it too. I've fallen into a habit of mostly posting videos or links with a small bit of commentary, instead of writing actual blog posts. It's due to my lack of free time, but it's really a shame, because I like writing real posts. So in honor of my former real blogging, I've gone ahead and picked some of my favorite past posts on Mad Street Cred. Perhaps you disagree - maybe there are other of my posts that you particularly liked. Leave it in the comments and I'll consider adding it to the list. Or maybe you hate my blog. Regardless, here are my favorite posts of days gone by, with a mini-summary of each:

1) "Waiting on the World...": After the producers of So You Think You Can Dance apologized on-air for the sub-text of choreographer Wade Robson's choreography to John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change" (which was meant to be about the war), I wrote this post about patriotism.

2) "starry skies": In this post, I talk about movies like Chasing Amy and why they're so much more realistic than romantic comedies without being depressing like indie films. I also talk a bit about hope, and love, and Meg Ryan.

3) "Why Spell-Check is Dangerous": You all know I'm a grammar nerd. Well this time, a spell-check error led to a crazy, hilarious law getting put into effect. (This post includes a cute poem too.)

4) "My Bottom 10": Pretty self-explanatory - these are 10 things I seriously hate.

5) "Top-ish Ten": I felt bad about being such a cynic after I posted My Bottom 10, so I counteracted it with 10 things I think are fantastic.

6) "Plane Clothes": Two separate instances of people being forced to change their clothes because flight crew deemed their outfits unacceptable for flying. One instance was a girl wearing a halter top. Another was a guy wearing an Arabic t-shirt (which I own).

7) "Supersize My... Report Card?": This post questions the morality, legality, and wisdom behind Seminole Cty, Fla. letting McDonald's advertise on its report cards.

8) "I'm With Stupid?": Is Google (and other associated technology) making us stupid? Find out what I think.

9) "The Porn Myth": This one is about porn.

10) "Reading about the unspeakable in fiction... and the shocking real-life news story about something even more unspeakable": After reading Joyce Carol Oates' book called Rape: A Love Story, I was inspired to write this article about hate crimes.

Those are my favorite 10. Enjoy!

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