Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is a great article from Slate Magazine about the increasing use of the word "FAIL": "Why is everyone saying "fail" all of a sudden?"

I myself am saying "fail" lately. Last weekend, my sister left her music binder in my car, and she needed it the next day. I had to drag it up to my apartment and then lug it in to the city to get it to her. You know what I said to her? "FAIL." (It actually wasn't that big of a deal, but that's a good example of me using the word fail.)

I suspected the popularity was because of According to the article, that's basically true. But read it for yourself to track its popularity. And check out FAILBlog to find out the meaning of FAIL, and its correct usage. (My example above isn't a good one. The picture featured here is a better one.)

The other words the article mentions are: w00t and pwn. Apparently w00t is an acronym for "We Owned the Other Team" (even though the double "o" is actually supposed to be double zero). The ever-mysterious "pwn" is derived from the word "own" and means to dominate or humiliate a rival. Apparently both of these words come from "leetspeak" or "l33tspeak" - a computer hacker language that puts together numbers and symbols to look like letters. Huh. Who knew.

So there's a little pop 3tym0l0gy for you.

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