Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Inspiration

Over at CMYKaboom! my friend Cindy has a series called "Inspiration Machine." I just love it. Her blog rocks, but those posts are my favorite. Well I just read the latest Inspiration Machine - you too can read it here.

My favorite bit of inspiration from the latest post?:

6. Organize a fall cleaning: pack up summer clothes, bring out the heavy blankets and humidifiers, and decorate your home in warm autumn colors. Personal favorite: stocking up on delicious pumpkin candles. Or even better, make your own pumpkin candles, out of real pumpkins!

Right now my apartment is in a strange limbo between summer and fall. I still have tank tops and t-shirts strewn all over the place, but sweaters and jackets are what I'm actually wearing. I put the heat on when I get home, but I also still have fans in my rooms. I finally put out a few fall decorations this weekend, but my summer decorations aren't put away yet.

As someone who absolutely loves fall, it's ridiculous that I haven't embraced its return. Pumpkin candles, cider, blankets - what have I been thinking not making the transition to fall?? So I'll take Cindy's inspiration and hold a fall cleaning this weekend. And you should too!

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Cynthia Silvestri said...

I have yet to buy any pumpkin candles!! *sniffle*

I misssss you...