Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who the hell votes in early elections?

I just found out this year (yeah) that there is even such a thing as an early election. It boggles my mind. So I've started reading anything I can about early elections. This column in Time Magazine that I read today is hands-down the best thing I've read about early elections, and it's hands-down the funniest thing I've read in quite some time. I was getting strange looks on the subway this morning because of my chuckling.

If you need a laugh, enjoy reading good writing, or basically are a human being of any kind, please read Joel Stein's article from Time Magazine, called "My Own Election Exit Poll."

Stein writes about the kinds of people who vote in early elections, based on his extremely unscientific personal exit polling in Ohio. (Hint: About half of the people polled by Stein applied early admission to college.)

My favorite quote from the article: "If all Americans were like early voters, we'd have a perfectly run country that would get beat up by all the other countries."

Once you're finished reading the article (it's short - one page), you can check out the results of his exit polls here. My favorite question he asked was "Did voting early just give Ohio more time to lose your vote?" Followed by "Would you like to vote for an American Idol winner now too?" as a close second. Seriously, it's great - give it a read.

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