Monday, November 10, 2008


So I'm thinking of consolidating Mad Street Cred and The Televisionista, my tv blog. Mostly because I rarely publish on The Televisionista anymore, and I have less and less time for TV anyway. So I'm thinking of retiring The Televisionista and posting my tv rants at Mad Street Cred.

(I'm also thinking of resurrecting my Live Journal. Mostly because I never write about my life anymore, and my posts in there used to be pretty fun. Plus, I love the layout.)

Any thoughts? Objections? I know none of you read The Televisionista anyway, so if I post about TV in here it's actually more stuff for you to read. Get excited!


David Press said...

i used to have a livejournal, i still do, but i don't do anything with it besides repost my tweets through Loud Twitter. I grew out of it, because I found the style of the site to be too structured, and I couldn't do anything fun or cool with it.

Lisa said...

Yeah that happened to me as well, last year. Mad Street Cred will definitely still be my blog of choice.