Saturday, November 29, 2008


Great post today from AmberCadabra called "Reassurance and Insecurity." As someone who's usually fairly insecure (and trying so hard not to be), it resonated with me quite a bit. Like Amber, I also just finished a book in which the main character was an introspective, intelligent, insecure young woman in love with a supportive and reassuring guy. (Could it be the same book?) The reason I loved the book so much is because the main character is very much like me. And that guy would be nice to find. Plus, as Amber says:

"We crave reassurance as humans. In fact, many of us are quite capable of recognizing that our thoughts and feelings are often irrational and driven by wayward emotion. But we want those we care about to not only encourage us to share those torturous thoughts, but we want to hear that they have them too. We want them to tell us it will be ok. That they care about us. That they’re going to be there anyway. The dialogue I’m reading is moving, if only because it satiates the wish we (or at least I) have to have someone look you up and down, and still tell you that you hold a very special place in their world."

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