Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Link it up!

A lot of great links flying around today. I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Are you a real geek? Read 50 Skills Every Real Geek Should Have to find out. I am definitely not a real geek, as I only have done/can do very few things on this list (cpu pins, html tags, hulu - I should be their poster girl, warranties, photoshop, wifi, pick a lock, and dr. pepper - but can't break down the ingredients). What does that make me, a novice geek? I'm okay with that. I do think it would be impressive to learn pi to 23 decimal places...

Windows Explorer oops
- this is really funny to me. Check it out for yourself.

Type Race - Race against other people to see who can type faster. I schooled the people I was playing against, but 88 wpm really isn't good... I need to practice typing faster. (The sentences are kind of weird... they purposely include strange characters. But it's fun!) ... Okay, now I'm typing 104 wpm, I think that's better. Right?

2008 on the Web: The Key Events - This article from Mashable is a highlight of the year's headlines in Internet phenomena. Some of these include the rise of Hulu, Twitter coming into its own, the Facebook redesign, the Justin.tv suicide, citizen journalism taking a new form (like it did with the Mumbai attacks), and everybody's favorite - Rick Rolling (which culminated at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade).

On a semi-related note, read about the Top 10 History-making Moments of 2008. It includes good stuff like cannibalism, Stonehenge, and the Olympics. Crazy year.

After all my speculation regarding Grey's trying to kill off Izzie, it turns out she's not getting the boot. The brain aneurysm/Denny sightings storyline has been written in because Rhimes is attempting to give Heigl Emmy-worthy storylines. Questionable, in my opinion, after Heigl's McAttitudeProblem about the Emmys. The big news today is that there's a different Grey's exit approaching. T.R. Knight asked to be written off the show. Guess it's curtains for George.

"In Defense of Teasing" - This article from the NY Times debates the merits of teasing in our social and psychological development. What do you think?

Also, I'll leave you with an oldie but a goodie in honor of the holiday spirit -- Christmas at "The Office":

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