Friday, January 16, 2009

Christina's World

As some of you may know, although I love the arts, I have never been that big of an "art" fan (in terms of paintings, sculptures, etc). I hated art class, and art teachers were never very thrilled by me either.

But a piece of today's news piqued my interest - Andrew Wyeth died today. Of course, until today, I didn't know who Andrew Wyeth was. So why did the news catch my eye? This was the headline: "Andrew Wyeth, 'Christina's World' painter, dies."

Christina's World sounded fascinating to me, so I looked it up. Here's a copy of the painting:

Apparently, Christina was Wyeth's neighbor. She was a strong, independent woman who suffered from polio. And this was her world.

That is so moving to me.

Of course, I just read that this is a famous painting and I apparently live under a rock. But paintings like this make me regret not being more interested in art. Maybe a trip to the museum is due.

"With watercolour, you can pick up the atmosphere, the temperature, the sound of snow shifting through the trees or over the ice of a small pond or against a windowpane. Watercolour perfectly expresses the free side of my nature." - Andrew Wyeth

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