Monday, January 5, 2009

Clutterly love

I cleaned over the weekend. And yet. I just got home for the night, and I'm sitting in my living room looking at the following scattered about:

- Dry laundry that was previously wet laundry hanging up to dry
- One book lying on my sofa, open (there's another one waiting for me on my nightstand to read in about 5 minutes)
- 5 magazines, 5 coffee table books and the collective writings of Chomsky sitting on my coffee table
- Also on my coffee table - two crossword puzzle books, a crossword puzzle dictionary, one pencil, two pens, two ponytail holders, six bobby pins, incense, potpourri, vitamins, a candle, matches, coasters, and guitar picks
- Underneath my coffee table: about 20 crossword puzzle books, and a newspaper
- A basket full of two things: books about Ogilvy, and Game Cube controllers
- My statistics books from Fordham underneath my desk because I have nowhere to put them but don't want to throw them out
- A shelf full of CD cases and caseless CDs; DVD books so heavy to lift they're sitting on the floor; and TV-on-DVD cases framing my TV
- A million books in all my bookshelves, crying out to me to buy just one more bookcase so I can fill that one up too
- Mail all over my kitchen table
- My guitar, lying on my recliner, waiting to be picked up

And those are just the things catching my eye in my living room. Maybe my clean apartment is more of an organized mess. I need another weekend so I can clean again. But I fear I just never noticed that "clean" to me consists of all these very "Lisa" objects surrounding me with their clutterly love. Alas, such is life.


Mark said...

"Cluttery love." That's the coolest term I've heard all week. And this from someone who hates clutter. You make it sound cuddly.

I've been lurking and liking your blog for a monthish. I found it when I googled the phrase 'mad street cred' for something I was writing. And now I'll have to watch Butterfly Effect.

Lisa said...

Haha thanks Mark! I checked out your blog too - it's great. I'm going to subscribe to it via google reader. Thanks for the comment!