Monday, February 9, 2009


Top 3 things I think people should stop reporting about:

1) Michael Phelps. Is what he did stupid? Uh, yeah. Dude, now you're a role model and a celebrity, get with it. Not a good example to set for the kiddies. But is he the first athlete in the history of the world to do something stupid? Hell no. At least he wasn't packing heat, right? He's a kid, he smoked pot, he shouldn't have been enough of an idiot to get his picture taken, and it doesn't seem like a great best practice for an Olympic-record-setting swimmer. Done and done. Now let's please all get over it. As if any of us actually care about swimming once the Olympics are over anyway. (I do have to say though that this quote on Agency Spy this morning was hilarious: "Subway says they're cool with Michael Phelps. Despite removing him from their SubwayFreshBuzz Web site, they'll keep giving him weed money.")

2) The mother of the octuplets. Why do we keep debating this? The woman was fertilized and had 8 kids. She already had 6 at home. Does that seem pretty stupid? Yep. But what do you want? They're born, they're healthy for now, she's not going to throw them in a dumpster or something. I've had enough of everyone's judgmental attitudes and especially their opinions about if we should let mothers do this. Pipe down, America. Are you going to start legislating a kid limit? Where is this leading us? One-child policy? Slaughter the first-born if it's a girl? I mean come on, let's be real here. Freedom, remember?! Let's move on. Maybe she'll have her own reality TV show someday, and you know you will all tune in to watch. "Nadya Suleman plus 14." Has a toe-up-crazy kind of ring to it, no?

3) Casey and Callie Anthony. Namely because I've never been able to bear watching such a horrible story in the first place, but also because these media circus stories are inherently grotesque and dangerous. Already the grandfather tried to kill himself. Now they can't find an unbiased jury. I think the Today Show in particular needs to lighten up on the Anthony coverage, because it's toxic all around.

There are others, but those are my top 3. What about you? What do you wish would stop dominating the news?

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