Friday, February 13, 2009

She's got cred

And by "she," I mean J. Courtney Sullivan. I didn't know who she was until this morning when I sent a card from to my sister. (This one.)

But she kind of rocks and I want to be her. Why?

- She writes for all the coolest places, is on the editorial board of the NYT, and is on the advisory board for Girls Write Now. That's pretty cool.

- More than that, she writes for Nuff said. And someecards just had a Valentine's Day contest to see who would win a date with her based on the best user-submitted ecard, which you can view here. (PS, that's how I heard of her.)

- One of the articles in her collection is about chick flicks. Remember my post about chick flicks? Well, hers is about how they set unrealistic expectations. This example is my favorite:

The Sleepless in Seattle Trap: Like Bill Pullman in the movie, your current boyfriend or fiancé may have committed some unforgivable crimes, such as having lots of allergies but no nickname. Then you hear a voice on the radio, or see a face across a crowded room. Suddenly, you know this stranger is the love of your life.

OK, you already have a partner who’s perfectly stable and lovely, but I’m afraid you will have to end that relationship. After all, in the 30 seconds you’ve spent with the new man, you’ve learned everything there is to know about him. And. It. Is. Good. You use Google, gossip, mutual acquaintances, and expensive private investigators to track him down and ask him out to dinner.

See also: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, A Walk in the Clouds.

The Real Ending: Over dinner, you realize he has bad breath, a wife, and absolutely nothing whatsoever in common with you.

Good stuff. Mad street cred.

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