Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"We have the whole internet to correct..."

I don't know if you saw the Mac vs PC web ad below (it's kind of old, so I'm sure you have), but I was at a digital workshop the other day where we discussed it. (Plus, Ad Age ran an article today that mentioned it.) In case you haven't seen it, it ran on the New York Times home page in 2008. It's a clever use not only of ad space but also of the site placement (you can see this is very specific to the NYT). The video below is someone who has filmed their computer screen. The body of the page is the actual home page, and the ad placements on the right column and across the top are what Apple bought.

In what's arguably the age of the banner ad's decline, I think this is an extremely creative way to use a media buy. Most companies who buy multiple ad spaces on a site run either the same creative, or different creative from different campaigns. The ad below is an example of how to make the ad space work for you.

The blogs who talked about this ad at the time, like this post at Leveraging Ideas, posited that this was where the ads of the future were headed. I think we have yet to see a lot of media buys and banner campaigns executed with this kind of creativity. But they should be. And that's my thought of the day.


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