Monday, April 6, 2009

Canadian treats

Well, now I feel bad that I made fun of Canada in my last post. (Well, okay, not that bad. They're asking for it.) Because my boss was in Canada last week (she's from there), and today she brought me back some treats!

The first treat is something called "Smarties." The reason she brought these back for me is because we were talking about M&M's one day, and she said that in Canada M&M's are called Smarties. I asked what U.S. "Smarties" were called in Canada, then, and she said "Rockets."*** This blew my mind. So to prove that she was not making this up, she brought me back some Canadian Smarties. (She clarified later that there are actually M&M's in Canada too.) I just sampled a few, and from what I can tell, the difference is really the shell... the shell of Canadian Smarties is a little thicker than M&M's.

The second treat was a bag of chips called "All Dressed." I wanted her to bring me back ketchup chips, which she had here one other time and I really liked (they basically taste like french fries.) But she couldn't find any, so instead she brought back these. I've included a photo. And they are excellent. It's basically a mix of all the different kinds of chips. I don't even like chips, and I just ate the whole bag.

And Canada has redeemed itself in my eyes. For today. Well, at least its food.

*** Side note: I learned from Jeanne today, who is currently living in South Africa, that in SA "rocket" is what they call our "arugula." I thought I should bring it up here in case there are any Canadians reading this blog who are planning to visit South Africa. If you ask for your favorite sugar-filled treats in SA, you will end up with a plate of arugula. Definitely good to know.

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Ryan said...

Why do they not sell "All Dressed" chips here? I love Ruffles and I love all flavors. I think I'm going to have to take a walk over to Canadia before I leave Buffalo and get some.